By Globe Asia  Jun 01, 2013

Anton Setiawan101. $325 million
Kris Taenar Wiluan (64)
Citra Mas Group

Activities at Kris Taenar Wiluan’s Citra Mas are concentrated on manufacturing equipment for oil companies. Citra Mas is a holding company for around 35 subsidiaries, including the listed PT Citra Tubindo, which has emerged as a leading player in the tubular gear business, with 2012 net income at Rp34 billion. Kris also has interests in three public companies in Singapore: KS Energy Services Ltd., Aqua-Terra Supply Co. Ltd. and Sin Soon Huat Ltd.

102. $320 million
Didi Dawis (67)
Ling Brothers

Didi Dawis now oversees Ling Brothers, a trading and property company, from the sideline, spending most of his time running several not-for-profit organizations, including LPK Indonesia Bersatu which campaigns for the recognition of the role of Chinese-Indonesian figures in the nation’s history. He also runs a charitable organization for the families of members of the ethnic Chinese community who originated from China’s Fujian, which in Indonesia comprises quite a sizable group of people. Didi has interests in building materials, real estate development, hotels and banking. He owns a 9.6% stake in QAF Ltd., a diversified food company listed in Singapore where he serves as a non-executive director while son Trijono Darwis is chairman.

103. $315 million
Tatang Hermawan (62)
Fuji Palapa Textiles, Bank Parahyangan

The Hermawan brothers have been involved in a number of textile companies, including PT Fuji Palapa Textile Industri, PT Nam Nam Fashion and many more, while PT Heramwan Sentral Investama is an investment vehicle. They have an interest in the Oriental Indah Bali Hotel, which owns Conrad Bali, while banking interests are centered on their 15% stakes at PT Bank Nusantara Parahyangan Tbk., a Bandung-based lender with assets of Rp8.2 trillion and net income of Rp85 billion.

104. $315 million

Boyke Gozali (63)
Mitra Adi Perkasa

Mitra Adi Perkasa (MAP) sprang to life as a side business for Boyke Gozali, the nephew of tycoon Sjamsul Nursalim, some 22 years ago. Now the company operates 1,383 stores selling over 100 top- name brands across the country. With a rising middle class and strong consumer growth, MAP’s Rp432.75 billion in net income last year pointed to the prospect of even more impressive gains in years to come and MAP is appropriately among the standout performers at the stock market. In property, Boyke is teamed up with Franky Widjaja and Rosano Barrack in PT Plaza Indonesia Realty Tbk., a company that controls Jakarta lifestyle malls EX and FX, the Grand Hyatt Jakarta and Plaza Indonesia shopping mall.

105. $300 million
Sugiono W. Sugialam (50)

One of the relative newcomers to the top ranks of Indonesian business, Sugiono founded PT Trikomsel Oke as a telecommunication retailer, hitting immediate success with Indonesian consumers’ love affair with their cell phones. The company then secured distribution rights from Taiwan’s HTC, China’s Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard in a move into the computer hardware market. The company is now listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange and continues to expand. It paid Rp910.1 billion to swallow rival Global Teleshop last year. Trikomsel last year posted net income of Rp381 billion, a 25.9% increase from a year earlier.

106. $290 million
Winarko Sulistyo (66)
Fajar Surya Wisesa

The founder and majority shareholder in PT Fajar Surya Wisesa has developed the company as a specialist in industrial paper production, now with capacity of around 1 million tons per year. Products include sack ‘kraft’ paper for bulk goods such as cement, fertilizer and agricultural products; lightweight packaging materials; brown packaging paper; fluted paper for cartons; and paper for precision printing. Senior Golkar politician Airlangga Hartarto is Winarko’s partner in the enterprise. Meanwhile Fajar Paper Finance B.V. runs financing and investment activities.

107. $290 million
Ohnny Widjaja (79)
Sintesa Group

Johnny Widjaja is the founder and major shareholder of Sintesa Group, a diversified business operating in property, industry, consumer goods and energy. He manages his sprawl- ing business under holding company PT Widjajatunggal Sejahtera and serves as president commissioner of publicly-listed PT Tira Austine. The family business was started in 1919 by Johnny’s father, and Johnny set up his first company in 1959 in trading and rubber plantations. In the past he owned consumer goods company PT Tiga Raksa. A graduate in eco- nomics from Demeente Universiteit in Amsterdam, Johnny has been a prominent businessman for the past 50 years and has remained loyal to Jakarta, the city where he was born. Under the helm of his daughter Shinta Widjaja Kamdani, the Sintesa Group has grown strongly for the past five years.

108. $285 million
Benny Suherman (66)
Studio 21 Group

It’s no secret that cinema chain Group 21 continues to lead the market. Founder Sudwikatmono, who died in 2010, left management of the business to partner Benny Suherman. Benny was immediately faced with accusations that the cinema chain enjoyed a near- monopoly though arrangements with three film importers and had failed to pay taxes amounting to Rp300 billion. Strict limits were put on imported films, but conditions have now returned to normal, albeit with the emergence of competitor BlitzMegaplex in 2006, now only a minor irritant. Founded in 1987, Group 21 runs 122 theaters across Indonesia and launched Indonesia’s first IMAX theater last year. Benny himself now prefers to take a back seat, with Group 21 now run by Harris Lesmana.

109. $270 million
Henry Onggo (80)
Ratu Sayang Group

Henry’s property developer PT Ratu Sayang International group made a fortune after acquiring strategic locations to build Jakarta’s Landmark office complex and the Ratu Plaza offices and shopping center on Jl. Jend. Sudirman. He also has interests in textiles and owns a 9.4% stake in PT Unitex, a manufacturer and exporter of polyester and cotton fabrics based in Bogor, West Java. Unitex is a subsidiary of Japan-based manufacturing company Unitika Limited.

110. $270 million
Marjoeki Atmadiredja (65)
Surya Toto Indonesia

Mardjoeki Atmadiredja is the president director of PT Surya Toto Indonesia Tbk., the distributor of Toto brand sanitary and plumbing products and bathroom accessories. He has proved to be a solid long-term partner for Japanese principal Toto Ltd., which has 39.48% of the Indonesian operation. Other shareholders in the company, founded in 1977, are PT Suryaparamitra Abadi with 25.34%, PT Multfortuna Asindo with 25.1% and the remainder is held by the public. Through his investment vehicles, Mardjoeki is believed to own a substantial share in the company, which posted net income of Rp235 billion in 2012.

111. $265 million
Chandra Lie (49)
Sriwijaya Air

When Chandra Lie founded Sriwijaya Air in 2003, the airline had just a single aircraft. Now it is a frequent flyer in Indonesia’s airspace, with 32 planes flying to 38 domestic and international destinations. Chandra has plans for the airline to serve longer routes more frequently. The airline’s newest addition of its first Boeing 737-800 provides a cost-efficient workhorse. Sriwijaya expects a total of 20 Boeings to be delivered by 2015, allowing the airline to expand its routes to areas such as Papua and to rejuvenate its aging fleet. One task still ahead of the businessman is to improve his airline’s safety record, although it has never had a serious crash.

112. $260 million
Kaharudin Ongko (76)
Ongko Group

Kaharudin made a sound investment when he joined with PT Keramika Indonesia Assosiasi Tbk., the first Indonesian company to produce ceramic tiles. He later bought out the other shareholders and developed KIA into Indonesia’s fifth-largest ceramic producer. Thailand’s Siam Cement Plc. purchased 93.5% of the company in 2011. Although no details were provided, based on the tender offer price of Rp85 per share, the transaction would have been valued at around Rp669 billion. In property, the company owns several assets in Jakarta and was reported to control Omni International Hospital.

113. $257 million
Anton Setiawan (67)
Tunas Group

With over 30 years’ experience in the business, Anton has represented both Japanese and European brands. His initial agency opened in 1976, selling and servicing Fiat, Holden and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Anton introduced modern management systems to the company, winning many awards for his business acumen. In 2006 he took the prestigious Ernst and Young award for his dedication to developing entrepreneurship in the country. Rico Setiawan, 40, is now president director of the group and has continued the task of making it one of the best automotive dealerships in Indonesia.

114. $255 million
Siswono Yudohusodo (70)
Bangun Cipta Sarana

Just a year after he graduated as a civil engineer from the Bandung Institute of Technology in 1969, Siswono founded Bangun Cipta Sarana, a construction company. Over the years, the company won tenders for numerous construction projects including the development of Belawan Port in Medan. The company controls several subsidiaries engaged in clean water distribution, livestock breeding, real estate, property and hotels. Siswono has extensive experience in government, having served as min- ister of public housing and then as minister of transmigra- tion between 1988 and 1998. He was the running-mate of Amien Rais in the 2004 presidential election, but the pairing won little support.

115. $245 million
Pontjo Sutowo (63)
Nugra Sentana Group

The Sutowo family fortune began when Ibnu Sutowo, one of Suharto’s loyal generals, was appointed head of Pertamina in the early years of the New Order era. Somehow, despite Ibnu nearly bankrupting the country with outrageous deals on tankers, the family came to control a sizeable chunk of land at Senayan, one of Jakarta’s most prestigious sites. Pontjo runs the family businesses, where PT Indobuilco runs the Sultan Hotel and apartments, the Jakarta Convention Center and related properties. He has media interests at the MRA Group, which is active in radio and magazine.

116. $240 million
Kamaka Surjaudaja (60)

Karmaka Surjaudaja led Bank NISP, established by father-in-law Lim Khe Tjie in the 1960s, through the 1998 financial crisis unscathed and the bank maintained its momentum to claim a place on the national stage. In 2005, recognizing that NISP could not realize its potential without significant outside help, he made a tough decision to sell 74% of the bank to Singapore’s OCBC. For his work at the bank, OCBC awarded him with the life- time title of chairman emeritus, and his daughter carries on the family tradition as president director. Karmaka is known for his humility and friendly nature, as well as his strong leadership skills, while his story of battling with cancer and a liver transplant has inspired many. He devotes much of his energy as a foster parent to thousands of students across the country.

117. $240 million
Johanes Budisutrisno Kotjo (67)
Apac Group

Johanes made his fortune by getting close to the Indonesian elite close to the center of political power. He spent over a decade climbing up the corporate ladder at a Salim Group company before going into business with Suharto son Bambang Trihatmodjo and others to form Apac Group. In its early days, the company had diversified interests, but even before the 1998 financial crisis hit, it was accused of fraudulent activity, hitting the company hard. With that story now just a piece of history, a more low-profile Kotjo concentrates on the core business of textiles, which made Rp1.5 trillion in revenue last year. Known for having a good eye for investments, Kotjo is reported to have interests in plantations, coal and infrastructure sectors in Sumatra, including through PT Pathaway International, which is currently constructing a 300-km coal railway in Bengkulu.

118. $235 million
Sendi Bingei (84)
Sumatra Tobacco Trading

Sendi Bingei early on saw commercial advantage in the fine tobacco grown in many areas of North Sumatra. He shares ownership of PT Sumatra Tobacco Trading Company with family members Edwin and Timin Bingei. The company, based in Medan, North Sumatra, produces white cigarettes for export markets, while its sister company manufactures and sells some of the lesser-known cigarette brands popular with cigarette fanciers in Sumatra. Meanwhile PT Sari Incofood Corporation is engaged in tea and coffee processing and packaging.

119. $235 million
Elizabeth Sindoro, 55
Dan Liris, Paramount Group

Lisa Sindoro took the helm of the family business after her husband Handiman Tjokrosaputro died. He was the second generation of Batik Keris, founded by Kasom Tjokrosaputro. Lisa, a former top executive with Lippo Group, has grown Dan Liris, an integrated textile business, into a significant player in the industry. Dan Liris now rates as a world-class textile producer, selling to brands including Mark & Spencer. Exports go to more than 20 countries. Lisa also has property interests through the Paramount Group, with a 550-hectare integrated property project at Serpong on Jakarta’s outskirts. She operates Bethsaida Hospital at the same location.

120. $230 million
Tan Tjai Kie (59)
Gunung Garuda Steel

Tan was the first to demonstrate that there was money to be made in steel in a market long dominated by state-owned behemoth PT Krakatau Steel. His Gunung Steel Group is a one-stop shop for all steel products and related services. The group comprises PT Gunung Garuda, the first company in Southeast Asia to manufacture structural steel products and hot rolled steel sections; PT Gunung Raja Paksi, which produces hot rolled steel plate; PT Bukit Terang Paksi Galvanizing, which provides galvanizing services; and PT Gunung Raja Paksi, with an ironworks in North Sumatra. Founded in 1986, the company produces 1.95 million metric tons of steel annually, of which 50% is exported to 41 countries. It is currently building a new facility with an annual capacity of 2 million metric tons.

121. $225 million
Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X (67)
Sultan of Yogyakarta

After months of high-profile political battle, lawmakers finally passed a law granting Yogyakarta an extended form of special status, thanks to the change of heart of the ruling Democratic Party, making Sri Sultan Hamengkubowono the province’s governor for life. As the monarch of Yogyakarta, a highly symbolic and highly influential position, the wealth of Sri Sultan Hamengkubowono X is constituted by the estates and assets controlled by his family. Land rent is the main source of the patriarch’s income, while his relatives control several companies in Yogyakarta. An influential figure in the movement to force Suharto to resign in 1998, the Sultan continues to play a role on the national political stage.

122. $225 million
Ilham Habibie (50) and Thareq Habibie (48)
Ilthabi Rekatama

The brothers have revitalized PT Ilthabi Rekatama, an investment holding company established by their father, former President BJ Habibie. The company has interests in a variety of sectors including energy, mining, manufacturing, transportation, aviation services and more. The brothers are still keeping their father’s dream alive. Ilham is teaming up with Erry Firmansyah, a former head of the Indonesian Stock Exchange, to develop an Indonesian-made plane, the Regio Prop. The company’s centerpiece is its shareholding in London-listed Sound Oil, which controls an offshore concession in Central Kalimantan and where Ilham sits as non-executive director. Their latest push is in coal- bed methane, with three concessions already on hand and more to come. Ilham Habibie actively supports the government’s move to empower Indonesians through the development of a national broadband service.

123. $220 million
Bambang Trihatmodjo (60)

Bambang founded PT Bimantara Citra in 1981 with a group of friends who once played in a band, starting out in the energy business and then diversifying into a range of other ventures. Most of the Bimantara interests survived the 1998 economic crisis but in the wake of the crisis and his father’s fall from power, low-profile Bambang went even further underground. Management of Bimantara was taken over by Hary Tanoesoedibjo, who transformed it into what is now media company PT Global Mediacom Tbk. Bambang is said to have sold his remaining 11% shares in the company.

124. $208 million
Rachmat Gobel (51)
Gobel International

Rachmat, heir to a long-standing partnership with Japanese major Matsushita, is a tireless fighter for better conditions for the electronics industry. He has also developed a reputation as an avid environmental campaigner, and now heads the Indonesian Society of Renewable Economy. The family’s PT Gobel International has partnered with Matsushita since 1970, creating PT Panasonic Gobel International where Rachmat now sits as president commissioner. Last year, he spent most of his energy chairing the Southeast Asia Games organizing committee and won credit for the success of the event. His PT Gobel International also plans to develop a tourism resort and a water treatment plant in West Nusa Tenggara. In electronics, Panasonic Global Indonesia continues to perform well in the highly competitive electronics market. Rachmat now plans to make solar panels and related products more accessible for Indonesians.

125. $205 million
Stanley Atmadja (57)
Asco Automotive

After years of working with PT Adira Dinamika Multifinance, a company which he founded and led to its current status as one of the leading automotive financing companies in the country, Stanley officially resigned as its president director last year. Stanley founded Adira in 1990 together with the late Adi Rachmat, father of Teddy Rachmat of the Triputra Group. In 2004 Bank Danamon paid Rp832 billion for 75% of shares in Adira. Stanley also teamed up with Teddy to form Asco Automotive, a car dealership for Isuzu, Nissan and Daihatsu vehicles, and PT Green Planet, which produces organic fertilizer. Old cars are Stanley’s great love and he spends much of his spare time at a private museum for his 100-car collection at Sentul, south of Jakarta. He also takes an active role in supervising Asco Media Utama, an automotive-focused media company with several publications and TV shows.

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